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Parking lot renovation

From Monday 3 July, work will take place on our car park. During this renovation, the layout of the parking lot will be adjusted and more greenery will be added. This work will take place in phases.

The first phase of the renovation is located between Lidl and the TrefBox building. This phase is expected to be completed by the end of July. During the execution of this phase, the entrance to the Trefcenter via Antonie van Leeuwenhoekstraat will be closed. Traffic will be diverted during the work via temporary traffic signs.

The second phase of the renovation will start after the construction holiday, on August 21, and is expected to last 5 weeks. During this phase, all entrances will be available.

We will provide you with an update on the progress and next phases of the renovation after the summer!

Update 1

The renovation of the Trefcenter parking lot started on July 3. The layout will be adjusted, paving and asphalt will be renewed and greenery will be added. The work will be carried out by BAM Infra and will be carried out in phases.

After Phase 1 is completed on July 28, Phase 2 is expected to be completed on September 22 and Phase 3 will start on September 25.

Phase 3 is located on the south side of the TrefBox building. Work on this phase will be completed around October 20. The implementation of phase 4 will then immediately start, which will be completed around November 17.

During the realization of phases 3 and 4, all entrances (A, B and C) are available. A pedestrian corridor will be available to ensure the accessibility of the Buitenhof Tuinmeubelen, Carpetright, Beter Bed and JYSK stores during the implementation of phase 4.

Update 2

We would like to inform you about the progress of the renovation of the Trefcenter parking lot. Before the Christmas period, the renovation of the parking lots to the north and south of the TrefBox building was completed, as well as the strip on the Nijmeegseweg side.

After a short break, work has resumed to carry out the final phases and complete them before Easter. These final phases consist of the area at the fountain (near the shops of Berden, Trendhopper, Henders & Hazel and Bever, among others) and the area around the roundabout. The shops and parking lots are and will remain accessible during the execution of the work. The planning is to be ready in the first half of March, subject to unforeseen circumstances.

For questions, please contact project manager Bert Smits (