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At Trefcenter, it's all about creating a cosy and stylish home. Come by for an abundance of possibilities that can turn any living space into a place of comfort and relaxation.

Our home stores present an extensive collection, ranging from contemporary furniture and decorative accessories to practical storage solutions and inspiring ideas for every room in the house. Are you looking for a rural look, a Scandinavian atmosphere or an industrial design? This is where you bring your personal lifestyle to life!

Get inspired by the latest interior trends and discover how to transform your home into a space where functionality and design come together seamlessly. At our home stores, you are guaranteed high-quality furniture and expert advice, so that you can turn your home into a place where you feel completely at home.

Interior design

Make your home a reflection of your personality with an interior design put together by one of our experts. Together with the interior consultant, you create a style that really suits you and ensures that you always come home with pleasure. Our experts will go through every detail of your interior and offer wonderful possibilities.


Discover a world of handy household appliances. You can turn to us for smart kitchen appliances, electronic cleaning tools, practical household accessories and many more useful products for daily use. Improve your lifestyle with the latest technologies and make your home more pleasant and efficient.


Explore Trefcenter's beautiful furniture collection and get inspired by our extensive selection. From sofas to tables and from chairs to cabinets, every item has been carefully selected to make the most of your home. At our home stores, you will find the perfect furniture to complete your interior.

Bathroom & Kitchen

With our various providers of bathrooms and kitchens, you can bring your vision to life. Discover a range of inspiring shops with high-quality sanitary facilities and kitchen appliances. Explore your options and create a stylish and functional living space in your home.

Lighting & Lamps

Bring light into your life with our diverse collection of lighting and lamps. Create the right atmosphere in any room and let your home shine with the right lighting, which really suits you and your home. Experience the wide choice of lighting options that perfectly match different tastes and styles.

Floor & Carpet

At Trefcenter, you will be walking on air with our extensive range of floor and carpet choices. Give your home warmth and class with our selection of top quality rugs and carpets. Choose from various options of styles and textures and receive free advice from one of the home design advisors.