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At Trefcenter, we understand the special place that animals hold in our hearts. That's why we've created a world of animal welfare with multiple pet stores, including Pets Place, Jumper, and Ruitersport Equidrôme. Whether you are a proud pet parent, a horse lover or just interested in the world of animals, here you will find everything you need.

For example, you can come to our pet stores for a broad range of pet food, where we take care of the nutritional needs of your faithful four-legged friend or other pets. In addition, you will find the best care and animal supplies that contribute to their well-being and health. There are also plenty of options in our shops for your pet's play time. At Trefcenter, we ensure that every animal, large or small, gets the attention and love they deserve.


Treat your pets to an extensive selection of play and care products. From nutrition and care to toys and accessories, your pets will truly enjoy the quality products from Trefcenter.

Animal care

The health of your pets is of course paramount. That is why our animal care products all contribute to the well-being of your pet. Or is your dog ready for a wash, but you prefer not to have a dirty bathroom? Then visit Jumper and use our dog wash to completely freshen up your dog.

Animal feed

You can visit our animal specialist shops for an extensive range of food products for various animal species of different ages. Within our diverse range, you can effortlessly select the best food for your pets.

Pet supplies

For all your pet needs, we have an extensive selection of pet supplies. Are you looking for a new feeder or collar, for example? We have everything you need to care for your pet. With high-quality and stylish supplies, we make caring for your pet easy and fun.

Pet toys

Keep your pets having fun with our diverse range of pet toys. From dog and cat toys to toys with sound, at Trefcenter you will find the perfect toys to brighten up their day. Stimulate their curiosity and keep them active with our quality toys.

Animal beds

Give your pets a comfortable home with one of our pet beds. Whether you are looking for a cosy cat bed or a spacious doghouse. Our selection offers comfortable and safe animal beds for all your beloved pets.